Time to Hire a New PPC Agency: 5 Signs

Pay-per-click advertising is one of the most effective since it provides a high return on investment while also establishing a strong online presence. Typically, employing a competent PPC agency to manage your company’s campaigns is a great idea. However, is your PPC provider making every effort to improve your results and conversions?
Clients of BM Marketing frequently approached us because they were disappointed with their previous agency. Frequently, clients cite these five activities as proof of poor service from their PPC agency, which ultimately leads them to leave. How many of these can you identify with?
They do not regularly communicate
Excellent communication with your PPC agency is essential, just like in any other partnership. As the client, it’s crucial to stay updated on the progress of your advertisements and any alterations or results.

In addition, the account manager should solicit your feedback or provide you with corporate updates. In an advertisement, you often promote a new service or topic is often something you may promote in an advertisement.

Even if the ads perform well, poor communication with your PPC agency may cause you to lose faith in their methods and job.
Reports have not been sent
You should receive a full monthly report on the performance of your PPC advertising. It’s a concern if your PPC bundle does not include a monthly bill. If it does, but you are not receiving them, there is a problem.

Even if the agency used tools or templates to make the reports, you should feel that the material is clear and that the changes are the result of a strategy when you read it.

Finally, the agency should be personable and willing to explain whatever you don’t understand.
They lack initiative
Your PPC management provider should monitor the campaign and notify you if the strategy isn’t functioning. Furthermore, they should already have a solution in mind rather than simply informing you of the problem. Your campaign should be updated on a regular basis, and depending on its needs, it may require weekly or biweekly optimization.
Your company isn’t expanding
Your PPC agency should not be utilized exclusively to manage campaigns. Your marketing efforts should aim to boost sales and expand your business. Your firm is unlikely to grow with a PPC strategy if your campaigns do not focus on ROI.
Everything is of low quality
When hiring a PPC agency, you can expect to receive high-quality services. If you see copy errors, formulaic approaches, and minimal results, they may lack the necessary knowledge to administer your account.

Even if experience isn’t an issue, failing to check for misspelled terms or setup errors in campaigns and ads demonstrates a lack of concern. Cheap PPC items should raise warning flags because they are often the most basic and low-effort options.

Assume you recognize any of the above symptoms. In such a situation, it may be time to reassess your involvement in this collaboration, especially if you’ve attempted to raise your concerns with your PPC agency but have received no answer. For your money, you should get the best services and results.

At BM Marketing, we offer PPC management as a service and strive to deliver the greatest care to our consumers. Our packages include monthly reports, keyword and negative keyword research, weekly or biweekly optimization, and much more.

Time to Hire a New PPC Agency: 5 Signs